testimonials upper valley preschool

  • We wanted the best preschool program for our son

    “Like any parent, we wanted the best preschool program for our son. We found that at Mascoma Cooperative Preschool! Mrs. Gooch is an amazing teacher and caregiver. The program is very well organized and includes free play, singing, moving, story time, Spanish, fun and creative projects, relaxation, outdoor play, field trips and much more. The fact that parents are present in the classroom on a rotating basis is a great opportunity to witness Mrs. Gooch’s wonderful interaction with the children and to watch our son play, learn and socialize with his classmates. We couldn’t be happier with our choice of preschool!”


    Jonathan and Gabrielle
  • Our daughters have blossomed!

    “Our daughters have blossomed during their 2 years at Mascoma Cooperative Preschool. They love the play-based nature of their day and we, as parents, love the social and emotional learning that happens during that play. Our daughters are learning and understanding so many things from how blending colors work to songs about the water cycle. Every day they share stories and rhymes that are guiding them in being kind and respectful people. MCP is a treasure that we feel so fortunate to have found for our family.”


    Celeste Dakai
  • My child loved being the helper

    “I chose Mascoma Cooperative Preschool because it is a small cooperative school. This means parents are closely involved and children get all the attention they deserve. The small number of children helps them to build friendships at this young age. My child loved being the helper. This allowed him to show me his friends and school, while helping with small tasks during the day. A great tradition”

  • A wonderful experience

    “Mascoma Cooperative Preschool was a wonderful experience for my daughter as she started her schooling career! She always looked forward to seeing her friends and teachers. Her growth and self confidence grew as the school year progressed. She learned responsibility from the start of the day process to setting up snacks for her friends. I am grateful for the positive and warm teaching style provided at the Mascoma Cooperative Preschool – my daughter did not even recognize she was learning! I can’t say enough good things about the program!”


  • Such a happy classroom

    “Mascoma Cooperative Preschool has been such a good thing for our son this year. For us it has served as the perfect bridge between home and kindergarten. Mascoma Cooperative Preschool has helped our son have opportunities to socialize without me, spend much more time doing crafts than I have patience for, and most importantly helped him develop healthy habits and routines in a school-like setting. Having kept my son home until he was four, finding a preschool where parents are encouraged to participate was key to helping me feel comfortable. Ms. Gooch has been at the school for 15 years and creates such a happy classroom spirit that the children really respond to. We are so grateful to have found Mascoma Coop!”


    Ashley Hoyt
  • Experienced Teachers

    “Although I live in Lebanon I chose MCP for my son because of the spacious classroom, small classes, experienced teachers, parent involvement and affordable tuition.”

    Kim Paige
  • A solid learning curriculum!

    “All three of our children attended MCP. It is a warm, caring environment that provides lots of fun activities (singing, dancing, crafts, reading stories; just to name a few!) and promotes a solid learning curriculum. I would strongly recommend this school to anyone!”

    Craig and Becky Morley
  • Adaptability

    “One of our fondest memories of the MCP is of the many qualities exhibited by the lead teacher, Mrs. Gooch. We immediately recognized her caring approach to establishing a well balanced academic environment for the children. Throughout the year we were able to experience the many qualities Mrs. Gooch applies whether it was in the classroom, at extracurricular activities, or around town. When our youngest attended the MCP we were grateful for Mrs. Gooch’s adaptability to different children’s learning capabilities and styles. We highly recommend Mrs. Gooch as an educator with whom we have and would always trust our kids well being and education with.”

    Tim and Gini Rosario
  • Wonderful Experience

    The Mascoma Cooperative Preschool was a wonderful experience for my son. His year there provided him the academic and social skills he needed for a successful year in kindergarten and beyond.”

    Rachael White
  • A great preschool!

    “As parents we were happy to be able to observe the teacher/child interaction when it was our turn to assist in the classroom. MCP is a great preschool and we highly recommend it for any 3 or 4 year old child”

    Michelle and Andy Hemmerling
  • Definitely recommend this school!

    My children both enjoyed the school very much and I feel it helped them with their social skills definitely making the transition to kindergarten stress free for both of us. I would most definitely recommend this school to other families.

    Juanisa McDonald