Suzanne Gooch

Head Teacher and Director

Suzanne has been the Teacher/Director overseeing the three and four year old programs since August 2004.  She earned her degree in Early Childhood Education from Granite State College. Suzanne’s gentle yet influential teaching style makes for an enjoyable and fulfilling experience for both students and parental volunteers. Suzanne enjoys attending workshops to stay current with educational trends, reading, scrap-booking and gardening.




Christina Moschella

Assistant Teacher

We are excited to welcome Christina Moschella to MCP! Christina is the mother of two small children and has a background in art. She is a familiar face to our students, as she currently has a child in the program, and her oldest attended for the previous two years before starting kindergarten. We have always enjoyed her as a parent helper because she brought a positive attitude and embedded fun and creativity into all her interactions with the children. She is passionate about ensuring all children receive the tools they need to grow up strong and healthy physically, mentally and emotionally. She is excited to work with Suzanne to make sure your child gets a strong start to their educational journey in a fun and nurturing atmosphere.