2020 ~ 2021 Tuition Rates

Thanks to a generous grant from the Byrne Foundation tuition has been reduced to $95 a month for 2-days/week and $160 a month for 3 days/week.

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for three- and four-year olds


Individual, small, and large group activities are designed to promote:

  • Social Interaction: to play well with others, to strengthen sharing and taking turns, to recognize others’ feelings, and to listen and speak with others

  • Independence: to assume responsibility and learn to make choices

  • Increased emphasis on self-care (eg. buttoning, zipping, dressing for outside play)

  • Control of body movements and actions

  • Proper use of classroom materials

  • Fine motor development through music and movement

  • An increase in attention span, understanding the importance of listening and following directions

  • Use of complete sentences

  • Matching of like-colors

  • Letter recognition, sounds, new words and their meanings

  • Number recognition 0-20

  • Beginning number sense

  • Introduction to Spanish

  • An introduction to names for weather conditions and seasons

  • An awareness of health and safety issues

  • Introduction to STEM activities

  • Use of good manners

  • Assist 4- to 5-year olds in their transition to kindergarten the following school year

The daily schedule for both programs generally includes the following:

  • Sign in your student. Children are greeted and have child-centered play
  • Short Circle: good morning song, rules, finger plays, snack report 

  • Snack (nutritious snacks are provided by the Snack Parent)
  • Circle time for group story and overview of small group activities

  • Small group activity

  • Music and movement

  • Story

  • Dressing for outdoor play