2021 ~ 2022 Tuition Rates

Our priority is to offer a high-quality cooperative preschool program that is flexible and affordable for ALL families. We are honored and grateful that the Byrne Foundation has donated so generously to MCP that we can continue to provide this for our community. We also offer Tuition Assistance for families who need it.

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for three- and four-year olds


Individual, small, and large group activities are designed to promote:

  • Social Interaction: to play well with others, to strengthen sharing and taking turns, to recognize others’ feelings, and to listen and speak with others

  • Independence: to assume responsibility and learn to make choices

  • Increased emphasis on self-care (eg. buttoning, zipping, dressing for outside play)

  • Control of body movements and actions

  • Proper use of classroom materials

  • Fine motor development through music and movement

  • An increase in attention span, understanding the importance of listening and following directions

  • Use of complete sentences

  • Matching of like-colors

  • Letter recognition, sounds, new words and their meanings

  • Number recognition 0-20

  • Beginning number sense

  • Introduction to Spanish

  • An introduction to names for weather conditions and seasons

  • An awareness of health and safety issues

  • Introduction to STEM activities

  • Use of good manners

  • Assist 4- to 5-year olds in their transition to kindergarten the following school year

The daily schedule for both programs generally includes the following:

  • Sign in your student. Children are greeted and have child-centered play
  • Short Circle: good morning song, rules, finger plays, snack report 

  • Snack (nutritious snacks are provided by the Snack Parent)
  • Circle time for group story and overview of small group activities

  • Small group activity

  • Music and movement

  • Story

  • Dressing for outdoor play