Covid-19 Updates

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning how to dance in the rain.”

-Vivian Greene

Here at Mascoma Cooperative Preschool we are taking multiple measures to protect our students, families, and the community from the spread of Covid-19. Our director and lead teacher, Suzanne Gooch, has done extensive research to create a Covid-19 handbook to ensure we are following all CDC and state guidelines. To view that document, please reach out to Suzanne. Below are some of the key points:

  • Before anyone enters the classroom they must wash or sanitize their hands
  • All hard surfaces will be disinfected throughout the day, and learning centers will be sprayed with Lysol at the end of each day
  • Soft toys, pillows, etc. will be stored until further notice
  • Staff, helping parents, and students will be required to wear a mask; positive guidance with lessons in germ management will be used to encourage success in wearing a mask appropriately
  • Children are limited to groups of three at learning centers and activities will be spaced out to promote social distancing
  • Personal belongings will not be allowed in the classroom
  • Total group size (students and adults) will not exceed 15 people
  • Children will have individual sensory tubs
  • Spaces marked on the floor to help students maintain social distance when in circle and lining up
  • Daily screenings prior to admittance
  • Extensive protocols to ensure children presenting even mild symptoms of illness stay home, including a mandatory 14-day quarantine period if a child or family member has been exposed to a suspected or confirmed case of Covid-19


MCP has always prided itself on maintaining a clean and safe classroom environment, including daily sanitizing practices and thorough weekend cleaning.

Additionally, this year MCP will have an outdoor classroom space!

Because MCP is a private preschool, we do not share our space with other groups, minimizing the potential for contamination from outside sources. Our playground is locked and not accessible to the public.